Okay, what’s the plan?

what is the plan for flood

These past days, or more exactly – nights, gave us the experience of the most horrendous traffic situation in recent months. What made it worse is that the traffic jam came almost unexpectedly. There were the usual rains and thunderstorms but people weren’t expecting flood to come right after, especially in the middle of the night when traffic is usually light.

Now people are asking who’s to blame? Which government agency is on top of the situation?

It seems that the “grand plan” meant to alleviate the worsening traffic situation in the Metro has some critical and unforeseen complications causing unimaginable inconvenience not only to motorists but to pedestrians and commuters as well.


by the Floodwader, illustration by Badz

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Ryan is a Junior Web Developer and writer at the Asian Center for Flood Control located in Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines.
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