Importance of Greenhouse in our Environment

earth greenhouse

First of all have you ever notice in your entire life the changing of climate. climate is much more cooler on the past decades compared today. mainly it is because the lack of education on what are the do’s and don’ts for preserving our Greenhouse in green health.

What is Greenhouse?

It is a thin area around the Earth. it regulates the heat absorbed by means of bouncing off the extra amount of heat from the sun back to atmosphere.

greehouse effect

Imagine a clear glass that freely passes the light (Sun’s Heat) inside/outside the Earth. on the other way around imagine a glass full of dirt (greenhouse gases) that surrounds the glass, the light will get inside but it won’t freely escape the earth because it is trapped inside the dirt(greenhouse gases). on that way it will cause unnatural temperature. the most notable effect of greenhouse in our Earth is the Global Warming or the Climate change. it will cause abnormal disastrous destruction in our nature. Warmer sea surface will result to stronger hurricanes or typhoons. it will also melt some of the ice glaciers from the other region of Earth that adds substantial amount of water on the sea.

Unfortunately we cannot get do something to stop but we can slow it down. if you are one of the concern citizen in Earth, use more of fuel-efficient cars, efficient appliances, LED lights are much more eco friendly than fluorescent light bulbs, reduce of electric consumption means less energy needs. Invest on natural energy such as windmill and solar panel. Planting trees, stopping deforestation will also share a good impact.

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