Funny Things That Pinoys Do During Flood

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Philippines is a country often visited by number of typhoons every year. On the average, eight or nine tropical storms make landfall in the Philippines each year, with another 10 entering Philippine waters. It had already experience the most strong and devastating typhoon ever recorded in the history of the world which is the “Typhoon Haiyan” (local name Bagyong Yolanda) with a total of 6,340 fatalities and hundreds of thousands residences lost their properties.

Despite all these annual chaos that the Philippines had been facing, still, nothing beats the “Filipino spirit.” Filipinos are known to be resilient in whatever calamities they might face. Even at the lowest peak of their lives, they still manage to show a smile on their face and what is more inspiring is, despite their shortcomings they also put a smile on other’s faces.

We have collected some photos to vouch how the Filipinos handle calamities, particularly flooding, in the lightest way they can. Here are some them.


Because Education is the key to success!

GG Boys! One more round!

Flying to the hoops, Pinoy version of water basketball.

No school today! Time for our swimming lessons!



I don’t mind the heavy rain and flood, I got boots and umbrella.

I’m on my way, boss! I just need to cross this river… I mean street!

Aye matey! Always look at the left before crossing.

It’s flooding? Well, let’s drink to that!


Ingenious People

These boots are under beta testing.

Taking a stroll with jet ski.

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